Considering a Linear Shower Grate? 

Here are just some of the questions worth asking when deciding on a linear shower grate: 

Be sure to review the installation instructions for each of the 4 products.

Yes, when the water flow was tested, the flow was greater than the Australian standards.

The collection channel and parts have been designed and made from ABS plastic, which glues together with plumber’s glue. The collection tray spigot glues into a 50mm DWV (drain waste vent) and becomes part of the plumbing system.

All our grates are removable for easy cleaning access. The TILEgap comes with its own cleaning brush with a blade lift-out hook on the end.

Strip Grate has a Watermark approval that is given only to products that meet Australian standards. Watermark Licence Number for Strip Grate is WMKT2113.

The collection channel was designed with a 20mm flange, allowing the collection channel to be waterproofed into place.

WELD-ON 773 ABS glue or Plumber’s solvent PVC glue.

The VL Grates are made from solid brass with chrome-plated finish and stainless steel; the TILEgap blade is made from anodized aluminium.

Kits come complete with all parts ready for installation, including a range of spacers sizes 8mm to 19mm to lift the grates up to finished tile height.

Strip Grates can be installed by a qualified plumber, carpenter, waterproofing contractor, or tiler. All Strip Grate kits come with installation instructions.

All ABS plastic requires priming to ensure bonding of waterproofing membranes. Recommended waterproofing primer is (GRIPSET OP) or check with your contractors' waterproofing manufacturer on the correct primer to be used with their waterproofing system.