TILEgaps - A Tile Shower Drain with a Blade and Slots

TILEgap uses a minimalist blade and two-slot system that makes this tile shower drain blend easily into any shower. It’s available in 1200mm kits designed to be cut to length or joined. 

TILEgap features: 

- A removable 20mm snap off upstand along the collection channel to enhance against-wall waterproofing.

- A 30mm aluminium blade that matches the most commonly used aluminium tile edging 

- A collection channel that can be cut to the exact length needed onsite 

- Versatile spigot positioning–place the outlet spigot wherever needed along the collections channel drain

- A spacer system that makes it easy to install the grate flush with floor tiles

Product Specifications

Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions

Parts Description and Product Codes

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