About Strip Grate Australia

Strip Grate Australia was established in 2006 and was the first Australian liner drain design. We’re proud of our innovations in shower drain design and we continue to lead the industry in elegance, effectiveness, and convenient installation.


In 2006 we released our 750 standard one-piece collection tray with a fixed centre outlet and a built-in flange for waterproofing.


For easier installation with plumbing alignment and a more accurate installation of the collection channel, we released the VL Series in 2008, which offers the ability to place the outlet spigot anywhere along the collection channel and enables installers to cut down or join kits together to create the desired length.


In 2010 we developed the Spillway, with a black tile insert tray as a shadow line.


The world-leading TILEgap Strip Grate was released in 2014 with a blade as a grate for a minimal architectural slimline look with the same size collection channel.


Introduced contemporary grate colours to match bathroom tapware.

Strip Grate kits are designed to provide easy installation that meets Australian plumbing and waterproofing standards, saving you the time and money waiting on installation and fabrication that is common with other systems on the market. All our products have been tested to Australian standards and hold the Watermark certification.