Strip Grate’s stunning linear shower drain and bathroom grate system can enhance any bathroom.

The Strip Grate shower drains appeal to architects, builders, plumbers, tilers and waterproofers (and home owners, of course) because of their smart design, clean lines, and superior functionality.

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A typical shower grate installation is unpredictable

It’s often problematic to match the grate to the tile height. This makes grates prone to water pooling, which creates mould. But not with Strip Grate!

Our strip grates and linear shower drains make installation easy. Here’s why:

  • Off-the-shelf systems with no wait for custom manufacture, which saves time on installation.
  • Always finish at the exact level required, with no height mismatch.
  • Fit directly into standard plumbing to eliminate leaks.
  • Use a linear shape and smooth edges to prevent hair from being trapped.

Make life simpler by choosing the right strip grate system


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Easy to install

Our strip grate is very easy to install by any tradesperson. Simply cut the grate to size, glue the end caps and spigot in place, then install it in the shower base.

The tiler then runs a screed up to it. The waterproofer waterproofs over the screed and over the grate system, which has a 20mm flange. Then it’s ready for tiling. Once tiled, select the right spacers to raise the channel to the tile height.

Another popular feature is the breakaway upstand, which enhances waterproofing and allows you to tile against the wall. Or, break off the upstand and locate the grate away from the wall.

All of our strip grates have been designed with a 20mm flange allowing the collection channel to be waterproofed into place. Our strip grate kits collection channel easily glues together and becomes part of your plumbing system by connecting directly to your 50mm PVC S-trap.

Our linear shower drains and strip grates are simple to use, attractive, and quick to install.

Testimonials from our clients

I have had the strip grate product installed for over 7 years and I’m very happy with it. Recently I had cause to contact Strip Grate for some additional items and found Dave’s communication and service exceptional. I highly recommend Strip Grate.

Brendan Collins
Home Owner
Mount Eliza, Victoria

Thanks to David Gibson at Strip Grate for the supply of their tile gap system. I liked the ease with which it was to install. From being able to cut it to size and move the waist point to suit certain situations. Not waiting for a grate to be made means you can finish off the job and move on to the next one.

Brett Dempster
Dempster Constructions Pty Ltd.
Melbourne, Victoria

The convenience of being able to custom cut the drain to suit any application is fantastic. The innovative solution of being able to adjust where your waste outlet is located is brilliant. Our team like that the spacers lift the grate up to match finished tiled height. We share this contemporary product with upcoming clients, not only for its architectural design but it’s time saving and cost effective solution for installing strip grates.

Ryan Tobin
HBG Building Group

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